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Hello friends! Thanks for visiting my page! My name is Kristen Thornton and as you might know, I am an avid fitness fanatic! I work hard, and love to enjoy all of the beautiful things that life has sent my way.

My Message

I have always been an active girl: from gymnastics as a young girl to running marathons (even while pregnant), being active has always been a passion of mine. Very shortly after having children I began my journey with bodybuilding and have been in love with lifting ever since. It has given me a tremendous sense of confidence, self worth, and admiration for the hours of work that I have put into becoming the woman and role model to my young boys today.

My Challenge

Fitness is more than just working out to me: it's eating the foods that will help my body to grow to it's fullest potential. It is time that I CAN dedicate to MYSELF every day - because I am worth it! It's time that I can turn off any of life's distractions, and focus on building a better body and mind with one press, one curl, one sprint, or one stretch at a time.

My Message

I also believe that fitness is more than just "going to the gym" or "fitting in a workout".... it's emotional health, it's a stress reliever, and to an extent: it's a social experience. With my help, I can show you how to build a body that you absolutely love when you look in the mirror, and help you to build a sense of strength and confidence in yourself!

What our clients say


I am 48 years old, I have 2 kids, 2 full time jobs, and my personal life is messy. With all of my heart, soul, and newly acquired muscles I have to thank Kristen Thornton for being a phenomenal trainer! She’s enthusiastic, inspirational, motivating, and extremely caring. Every day is a challenge because life gets in the way of our goals, but Kristen is an amazing trainer to have along side of you!


Some of your questions


How many days per week do I need to work out?
Depending on your health and fitness goals, you’ll need to commit to a minimum of 3 days of exercise each week to see results. Any fewer than that and each workout will feel like you’re starting all over again each and every time.
I haven’t done any exercise in a few years. Can I jump straight into personal training?
Definitely, personal training caters for all fitness levels. Combining personal training sessions with your fitness routine is a great way to blast through barriers and achieve your fitness goals faster.
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