One-to-one training

My combination of individualized personal training, nutritional assessments and programming, and an included monthly newsletter with recipes makes this service UNIQUE. Everything, including where I train, is built around you.

01. Who is it suitable for?

I train clients of all ages, of all fitness levels, and I can always find a package that works for you. Although I do specialize in working with women & men looking for weight loss or body transformation, I have quite a bit of experience in working with folks looking to build muscle & increase body weight as well. I am here to help you regardless of if your goal is to completely transform your physique, lose weight or tone your body for a vacation or special event, or you are looking to live a healthy lifestyle and you would like me to show you the way! Everyone has different goals and ambitions. My programs are set up to tailor to you as an individual and get the best results out of our work together!

I will help you look & feel in the best shape of your life. I see my goal in training my clients and giving them the best possibilities to improve their bodies. With my one-to-one training and professionalism this is absolutely possible!

02. Where will we train?

Primarily I will train clients at a facility that I have partnered with. This gym has two separate locations: Exton, PA & Thorndale, PA. Please feel free to reach out to me directly to discuss pricing for sessions. These are the only two indoor 'gym' locations that I will train clients at.

If privacy is very important to you, and you want to maximize the time you have available to train, then I can bring my equipment to you and train you in the privacy of your own home or outside in your local park.You don’t need a home gym or a huge amount of space. No matter which option that you choose, sessions are booked around your schedule, whether that be early morning, late in the evening, or on a lunch break at work.

03.What’s first?

If you would like more information about getting started, please feel free to reach out via my e-mail: or by phone: 610-908-9859. If you're ready to get started right away, then please feel free to sign up on my site and we can get moving on your goals TODAY!