What my clients say


I wasn’t looking for rapid weight loss but wanted a trainer that can help me to lose weight and get toned in a way that is achievable without starving myself and spending hours in the gym. I have been working with Kristen for almost 3 months and she has been personalizing my workout plan and my diet plan every month. She considered my training goals and added exercises to my plan that help me achieve my goals. She also created a plan that I can fit into my busy lifestyle being a single mom and traveling multiple days a week. I can contact Kristen at any time and receive a timely response. Kristen is extremely supportive and she is getting me the results I expected


I decided to seek out a trainer to formulate workouts, to set me up for success in the kitchen and to hold me accountable, always. Kristen has certainly done all of these things. She’s motivational, understanding and personalized everything to best suit my lifestyle. She’s guided me to reach my goals and I look forward to working with her to further coach me in becoming stronger and happier with my body!


Around my 48th birthday I decided I really wanted to make some physical changes to my body. I was thinking about approaching 50, and I did not want muscle atrophy as my doctor kept warning me about. I wanted to go into my 50s strong and physically fit. Weight wise I was within the healthy range, but I felt flabby and weak. I went on a search to find a trainer that would fit into my busy lifestyle and by the grace of a miracle, I found Kristen! I have 2 full time jobs, 2 teenage boys, and I am going through a divorce. I am the epitome of “I have no me time.” Many of us are. I didn’t want to use my circumstances as an excuse. However, when Kristen gave me the work out routine, to be honest, I felt completely lost. I had been doing cardio (walking with friends, elliptical, spinning) for many years, but I had not really committed to a weight training routine. I had dabbled with trainers and the quick circuit at Planet Fitness in the past, but truth be told, I had no real clue what I was doing. Kristen is an online trainer. I have never met her. She isn’t in the gym with me counting, adding and removing weights, setting up machines etc. This virtual training method forced me to figure it out on my own. And it was empowering. When I first started, I felt overwhelmed, but looking back, this is the better way! It forced me to learn everything I needed to know such as Gym etiquette, set-up and break down, where things are, how much weight to use, etc. I quickly went from intimated to feeling like I belonged, to actually helping others at times!.


I will be starting my 3rd month with Kristen, and I have to say this is one of the best decisions that I have made. I had worked with someone in the past, but I didn't get the results that I was looking for. I did a search online for a training coach through Thumbtack, and I am grateful that Kristen answered. Since being with Kristen, I have put more focus on myself, with her support. The personalized workout plan as well as the suggested meal plan has worked wonders. The meal plan is easy to follow and the workouts are exactly what I asked for to meet my goals. The support from Kristen is just amazing! My second month with her was an extremely tough month for me personally. I reached out to Kristen about being afraid of failing due to days that would not be structured as I would like, she was encouraging and so supportive. I couldn't have asked for a more understanding coach than Kristen. She is caring, empathetic, sincere, thoughtful and will tell you it is OK to have a not so great week, which is a relief. She is also encouraging, motivational, and my greatest cheerleader


Kristen was consistent, persistent, and supportive every step of the way. Even when things weren't working she would come up with more things and tweak my plan until I could lose weight. She personalized my workout plan to my ability but still made it challenging. Follow her and you will see results!


Kristen is awesome! Very thorough in the meals and the workouts for the week and really helped to show the workouts in person which helped me to build confidence to continue them on my own. Very responsive! Strongly recommend her.


Today is my last day of the 90 days, and I cannot believe the progress I made. I learned so much and gained a lot of confidence I didn’t previously have. People have noticed the difference!! I have had to buy new clothes!! The best part is that I feel so strong and empowered. This 90 day challenge has helped me emotionally as well. It taught me that if I set my mind to something, even if it is something I don’t know that much about, I can learn it and succeed!! That lesson is invaluable.


As a trainer, Kristen is thoughtful, motivational, kind, caring, hard-working, responsive and trustworthy. She really, truly wants people to succeed. She has your back and then some. She is there when things get tough, and she is there when you are killing your program. She is so sweet that I really wanted to make her proud of me. I wanted to succeed for us both. And I have never even met her!! THAT’S how incredible she is. Kristen has set me up with the tools I sorely needed to live a fit and healthy life. I will take the lessons I learned from her and use them in all aspects of my life – fitness, professional opportunities, parenting, etc! I appreciate all of the knowledge and inspiration she so effortlessly passed on to me. She is a genuine trainer who does this kind of work because she truly wants people to live their best lives. That is a gift that keeps on giving, and one that I will be eternally grateful for.